Bike You

Bike You

Motorcycle Adventures

The dirt roads in the NT stretch for tens of thousands of kilometres. They start from our doorstep and go on forever. There's endless meandering trails that hug the mangroves. We'll cut through scrub, floodplains and remote forestry. And there's more than one beach to be ridden.
In addition we've got literally hundreds of kilometres of single track within reach. From easy coastal trails to steep, rocky, hard enduro loops that resemble something from the Erzberg Rodeo.

Most of our tours can be changed on the fly, so if they turn out to be too easy or too hard we can address it on the spot.
There are many days of riding to be had that suit a variety of different skill levels.

Our bikes are fastidiously maintained and well prepared for the terrain we ride. Every bike is cleaned, and undergoes a systematic 44 point check prior to each ride.
All bikes are fitted with appropriate protection including bark busters, bash guards, and radiator braces. They're tough.