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Terms and Conditions IntheNT -

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Publication on the IntheNT directory is subject to the terms and conditions setout below which may be updated from time to time.

All content is the sole responsibility of the person(s) who created the page. IntheNT accepts no responsibility or liability for the content.

All content must be appropriate and written in English, must not contain bad language or swearing and must be accurate.

IntheNT May remove any content which it deems inappropriate at its sole discretion.

IntheNT will monitor the content on the page from time to time and any contact regarding your page and/or it's content will be via the Contact Email Address that will be provided when you create the page. If you change your Contact Email Address you should be sure to update your Contact Details.

All images provided for use by IntheNT remain the property of IntheNT and/or the artist who created them. Those images may not be used or distributed without the express permission of IntheNT and/or the artist who created them.

Subscription renews each year on the anniversary of the day the page(s) were created. You will be invoiced for payment of renewal fee one month before your subcription expires and payment is required prior to the renewal date. If payment is not received the page will be removed until payment is received.

You will be advised of any rate increases for subscription when you receive your renewal notice.

If you wish to remove your page please contact the administrator at

IntheNT reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions from time to time. A copy of the updated terms and conditions will be either made available on this website or sent to you via the Contact Email Address that you provide when you create your directory page.

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